Aug 24, 2011

Today we did Chapter 1: Intro to Sport Psychology. We talked about the history of sports, the definition of sport psychology, careers in sport psychology, and what a sport is.

I assigned a paper on “Why you love your sport.” See the assignment requirements by clicking HERE.  Paper is due on Sept 6.

Also, don’t forget. Your Pyramid Paper on the bottom block “Education” is due Friday. 1 page or less about why it helps you to be a “student of your sport.”

Unit 2: Confidence and Focus Factors

We have started our next unit on Confidence and Focus. These are very important factors. I hope you are paying close attention and trying to apply them to your sports.

We just learned the beginning of focus and you were assigned the 7 day focus log. Do one of the focusing exercises everyday and record in your log. After 7 days we will do a focus post-test to determine if your focus has improved at all.

Sept 2-3, 2010

Today we did Chapters 2 and 3 on Physical Toughness. We discussed how to train properly and general physical fitness, about acting tough on the outside, and about how the machine of your body works (sleep cycles, training cycles, nutrition, and hydration.)

Next time, come to class wearing workout clothes. We are going to do a little of everything we learned about.

8/27 and 8/30

We had a pop-quiz about the last lesson (Ch. 1).  We started Chapter 2: The Seven Pillars of Mental Excellence, but we did not get very far on A day.

All students should have turned in their disclosure docs by now. And you should all have your “quote of the day” ready to go in case you are called on to give yours.